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About The Smallish Wave

Hello world :) welcome to the show box that is my mind. I'm Paola, people usually mispronounce it (Viola, Paula, Craola ect) but its just Pah-OH-la. I have my own forum, entitled Lake Effect Kids for Fall Out Boy fans. I am also an advent member of Skeleton Crew Online, and my Blog, tentatively titled "The Smallish Wave" talks about different things stirring in the family, along with my personal thought and opinions, targeted at the teenage audience.

 I love peace, and music. I am a vegetarian, and I support gay marriage. I am for animal welfare, and I stay as green as possible. I write lyrics and drum. I want to effect people through my music, and teach love. I've formed at least 20 songs, and a 3 song compilation that follows a concept of a lost alien in modern day society.

well have fun rummaging around... I have a lot to say, and I like saying things :) run by the blog, pass by Lake Effect Kids... it'll be fun, come along! *grabs hand*

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