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Skeleton Crew's Guide To Proper Etiquette at a Show

Posted by lilwave on April 7, 2009 at 7:37 PM
In the world of music culture, show, gigs, or concerts are a great way to let go. A place to let it all drop, and let the music take you. Bands, and groups (contrary to popular belief) enjoy playing shows, and like to see the crowd having fun and getting along. But with the punk rock mentality how well can this hold up? should there be guidelines for consideration and control while attending a sieving crowd of drug induced teenagers? Skeleton Crew thinks so. So the great baordies on Skeleton Crew's Online Forum have banned together to make...
A Guide To Proper Etiquette at a Show
(something I think every first time show going should read.)

Pit Etiquette

Warning! The pit is the closest most inner layer in front of the stage, were you will be standing jammed in with many other people. Sweaty men will take off their shirt, people  will fart, and there is no guarantee on where you will be watching the show from. Depending on the group or artist that is playing, a mosh pit CAN start, and it CAN get dangerous. Enter at your own risk.

1: where you are is determined by when you came? and if you protect your spot well. Do not push your way to the front; this is dangerous, and unfair to the people who were there first. DO NOT target weaker or skinnier people in an attempt to get to the front. That?s just plain not nice.

2: keep your hands to yourself. Apart from the inevitable brushes from being so cramped together in the mosh, never deliberately grope somebody. This can result in trauma, and a law suit. Ya nasty

3: Look out for yourself, and everyone else. There has been several occasions where people have gotten seriously injured or even died at a show. The band never wants this. Actually it?s a well known fact that artists will even stop shows dead in its tracks to help people who get swallowed by the crowd. Especially when moshing, keep yourself, and the people around you safe. Its all in good fun. Even when your not moshing, watch were your limbs are. You see it as dancing, the person next to you see it as a repeated jab to the ribs.

4: Don?t pull anyone into circle pits, including the band members.

5: in the great words of Ninja, if you join the mosh pit, smash 'em all.

6: Things You Can and Should NOT Throw on Stage
-You SHOULD throw a boa, a plush, stuffed animal
-You should NOT throw your knickers, it?s not just a creepy gesture, they might get sniffed (eww)
- You should NOT throw anything that may hurt the band. Loose change, bottles, ect.

General Etiquette

1: Keep the peace. This is very important, because doing the opposite can ruin your/their/and everyone?s time. Give everyone the benefit of the doubt, and avoid people who are trying to start shit. For the most part don?t concern yourself with other people, let it roll off your back, and have a good time.

2: Watch how much you drink. Its never fun to get stuck next to ?that? dude/dudet. Also the sieving crowd induces barfing, and getting barf on you and the people around you is NOT fun.

3: Behavior properly for the music you are listening to.

4: Respect everyone?s different interests in different music genres and music groups.

5: Don?t lie about yourself, and be untruthful in order to seem cool. No you don?t know the band, don?t name drop the people they are on tour with like ?oh but he?s my friend though?

6: Don?t use the time during an act to socialize, this is just plain rude.

Things You Can Scream
- song lyrics
- witty remarks that make people laugh
- in-the-moment screams of aggression
- 'woo' when songs end
- calling pit-control over to get someone out
- "Someone is going to land on your head."

Things Your Shouldn't Scream
- "Like oh my god can I have your babies."
- the wrong song lyrics
- plans to flip the barricade while I happen to be the person against it
- plans on how to get in front of me
- ?I?m going to land on your head?

Proper Clothing

1: Especially if you?re on the floor, keep it comfortable. Your going to walk, and stand the majority of the time, and no one wants to hear you cry over how scuffed your new shoes are. Deodorize, tie back long hair, avoid long jewelry and refrain from bringing bulky bags.

2: No band has a dress code. If they do, don?t follow it either way. Where what you want because you want to wear it. Not because you?re not a real [insert band name here] fan if you aren?t pale as paper.

3: Band T Shirts. A great way to show your support, and wear as a proud sign of who you are there for. On the other side of the spectrum, it can divide people. Please do not judge anyone based on the band T they have on... mingle with everyone, regardless of their T shirt.

Meeting The Band

1 [---this rule does not apply to groupies---] Respect yourself, and the band and keep the conversation appropriate.
Things you should talk about
- Song lyrics
-Certain things that touch you about their music
- how great the show was
-how their day went

things you shouldn?t talk about
-the sex tape / naked pictures
- How you warship the ground they walk on.
- ?is this your phone number/email /home address? If not can I have it??

2: Be understanding. Artists really appreciate it when you treat them like any other human being. Ask them how their day went, where they are going after. They are human, and they will have bad days, so if he/she acts like a bit of a prick, don?t hold it against them. Everyone has off days.

3: Don't get your hopes up. Be more excited for the show, not the chance of meeting the band. Because on unfortunate occasion, they won?t respond the way you expect, or want. No matter what you talk about.

Rules To Having a Good Time

1: Queue. It?s a great way to show support, and meet new people. Collect numbers, trade myspaces. Plus it insures a better spot.

2: Come for the supporting acts. Before you get to the show, it?s a good idea to check them out, and really give them a fare listen. Its a win win situation for you because if you end up liking them, your going to have an even better time at the show. If you don't, you?ll be able to say ?on record they?re kinda iffy for me, but I saw them live and they kicked everyone's teeth in?. Open your eyes to new acts, if the band you like brought them out on the road than maybe they?re worth a listen. Besides, why pay the ticket price if you?re not getting the full show?

3: If you?re coming, go all out. Listen, you have a few hours of musical explosions to endure, let the music move you and just let loose. In the end, no one really cares, as long as your having fun.

So you studied this thing up and down, yes? You?re going to follow it to the tee, and you can?t wait to go! One last thing though: Don?t get bent out of shape because someone else didn?t. A show brings about all sorts of different people. Fangirls, groupies, Down-Town guys, young, old, the important thing is to be tolerant. You don?t need to call anyone out, you don?t need to prove yourself as a bigger fan, and you definitely don?t need to put anyone else down.
I remember hearing this story of a girl who was meeting Gerard Way, and low and behold their was a squealing 14 year old girl next to her. She got so annoyed, that she felt the need to go and punch this poor girl in the mouth. It was this girls first show ever, and she was so amped cause Gerard is someone who she idolized. She was younger than the crazy puncher, and really didn?t even see it coming. Two years later she was very embarrassed at how she acted, but more so felt wronged and even more embarrassed that she got punched in front of friends and family for being overly excited. This sort of thing isn?t fare, and in no way justified, cause no, crazy puncher lady didn?t need to ?shut the fooking fangirl up?.
Thank you Skeleton Crew, this guide, I think, will change the world inside clubs, and concert halls forever.

QC: Would you like to add to the list?

fundraising: 13$ - I found a way to meet my goal ;) Aids Walk New York is coming up in a few months!

With new found wisdom, and love for the crew from the smallish wave
lilwave //(^.\\\

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