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Eminem's new video for We Made You - he's back to his old tricks!


yowzza's, I just made a mess in my trousers. Geepers mister, is that... Eminem? That cute bastard is back to his old tricks... if you call humiliating celebrities by plainly saying what we where all thinking about BRETT MICHEALS AND HIS CREEPY PEDIFILE WAYS *cough* than yes, tricks. did anybody else not get it the first few listens?

Its a spring break miracle....

After months (and months) of waiting, the official trailer for The Moustachette is finally released into the stream of screaming Patrick Stump fans
Link to Stachy' Goodness
now I say link to stachy goodness disconnectedly, because the total count of moustaces in the trailer is zero for me (see no evil, type no evil)

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Nothings going to keep me from dreaming

I found myself making a wish list today. It started from being inspired by a photogrpher friend of mine, and wanting a camcorder to vlog. Now its a webcam / mic / laptop / camcorder long. Now I know, wish lists are such a 10 year old class asignment thing to do, but this is fun :) I encurrage all of you to think about what you want, and make it absolutly clear. Possitive thinking may bring it one day!... or in a few monthly payment. Next is cloths. Man these are some cute hats...

I'ma Take A Nap.... and its ganna feel soooooo gooood

See, I was a wee interweb user 4 years ago when I got my first laptop. Now, I am apart of different forums, I have my own forum, I have my own blog, and my own website.... I don't get to sleep much with school and family atop of that. SO, I'm ganna give myself a rest,and its ganna feel amazing (to go to sleep for 3 hours and wake to unrestedness) thank you guys for allowing me to do all these things :)

I'm Up and Running

NOW! I've made the mainstream move, I've joined the human raise, I have my own website! :D please, look around, There are all sorts of fun things for you to do.